This is one of the questions I get asked so many times. There is a short and long answer for most things but the short answer is Yes but No. Basically you need a flyers ID to fly and a UK ID is no use in Europe now. I say Europe as that’s what we seem to call the EU when we are British. 

It’s fairly straight foreward to get one though. Just go to the Irish Aviation Website, apply for an Irish Operators / Flyer ID and you are good to go. The cost as of June 2022 is 30 Euros for two years. You’ll need to do a theory flight test that you have to get 100% pass but if you get the answers wrong then you can go back and take another guess at each question until you get them all right. You don’t need to re-sit the entie exam again. Allow around half an hour. Take guesses where you don’t know and go back and try again. There are several answers that I felt made no sense at all and I’ve had a UK ‘License’ (permission) for around 7 or eight years now.

You’ll need to confirm your ID and you can just put an English address in. And then you are good to go. Here is a link to the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) drone page. Pleases don’t take this article as this is all that you need. Different countries vary.