Welcome to the home of Skyviation, brought to you by Media MG. Bringing life to your next project with a multitude of skills we combine our commercial photography services with the use of drones to give you stunning aerial photography and film. We are committed to the highest standard possible using the latest equipment. 

Media MG is a small video production company. We use drones (UAV’s as their proper name) to create extremely smooth cinematic footage at either HD or Ultra HD. Our drone camera has a full gyro stabilised gamble that offers 360° 3 axis rotation. We can connect to a video downlink so the view can be seen realtime which enables the producer to  see what we are filming realtime. 

We can mix our footage with with our ground footage too and have a video editing suite available. Skyviation by Media MG is fully insured with a minimum of £1 Million public liability cover and is fully licensed by the CAA to carry out Aerial Work in the United Kingdom. We also have an additional permission that allows us to shoot at night time. We adhere to strict safety procedures to ensure that each flight can be carried out successfully and safely.