Skyviation is the name we give to our aerial drone photography and filming. We are a part of Media MG. Based in Shipston on Stour we are just on the Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire borders just on the edge of the North Cotswolds.  It brings together our pre existing skills of photography and film and our passion for Aviation. 

Matthew – Stills and motion photographer and UAV Pilot.

Born in the 70’s in the Midlands, all I ever wanted to do as a kid, was take photo’s and fly. I had little interest in anything that most kids did. I was fascinated in taking things apart and finding out how they worked. I was fascinated by technology and with digital photography not even thought about it was more exciting in those days. You could create memories and then re-live those memories when they were faded. In my twenties I learned how to fly and completed twenty hours of a private pilots licence. Expanding my photography knowledge and combining it with the use of drones is a fairly new concept still but it combines my love of flight with my passion for photography. It’s not easy. Far from it in fact. Flying safely and creatively sometimes fight against each other. 

 Fully Licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority in the United Kingdom.