The A2 Cof C allows you to fly just a little bit closer…. Its kind of a poor mans drone license. Become a Drone Pilot with Leading Drone Training provider, The UK’s Highest Rated Drone School, Practical Training for a Dynamic Learning Experience. Learn from the Experts. From hobbyist to professional, we are the training provider for every type of drone pilot! The A2 CofC is the first level course – These are quoting some of the adverts on google – not our words at all! 


These are the exam questions from a real A2CofC exam… There are no answers and they will be out of a memory bank but handy to have :


Which of the following is not part of a FRZ?

B. A cylinder, with the same dimensions as the ATZ
C. Runway Protection Zone (RPZ)
D. Additional Boundary Zone

2. What is VLOS

A. Visual line of stress
B. Visual line of sight
C. Velocity level over sea
D. Velocity line of sight

3. How would you check your aircraft for airworthiness?

A. IMSAFE Mnemonic
B. Complete FRCs Checklist before flight
C. Read Drone Manual
D. Complete PfCO course

4. Which of the following would result in a No-Go Decision?

A. Safe Airspace
B. Class G Airspace
C. Outside a FRZ
D. Inside RPZ without ATC permission

5. Whose permission do you need to fly 1nm from a protected aerodrome?

A. Landowners

6. When do you need to comply with CAP382 Mandatory Occurrence Report (MOR)?

A. Dropped aircraft during transit
B. Broke aircraft during maintenance
C. Forgot to charge batteries
D. Aircraft crashed During flight
7. If you injured the public with your drone, who would you need to file a report with?
B. Council
8. At what temperature of the battery should you not attempt to charge it?
A. 22°C
B. 25°C
C. 23°C
D. Over 45°C
9. What conditions are best for generating lift?
A. Hot summers day
B. Cold Winters morning
C. Midday during a thunder storm
D. Top of a mountain
10. You are planning a flight near a MATZ how would you inform them you are going to fly?
A. RAF Let’s Share the Air Safely number 0800515544
C. Heathrow ATC
11. You are operating by the coast and notice an RNLI station, what hazards do you need to be aware of?
A. Flags
B. Live Radar Mast
C. Salt air
D. Cool breeze
12. What information do you need to gather prior to take-off?
A. Battery colour
B. Phone Battery fully charged
C. Weather
D. Bottles of water
13. Why should you avoid a Cb?
A. Car Radio interference
B. Danger of strike and electro static interference
C. Get Wet
D. Loud noises
14. Which of the following is not a form of turbulence?
A. Thermal
B. Shear
C. Mechanical
D. Vortex
15. Isobars are lines of equal what?
A. Height
B. Front
C. Pressure
D. Degrees
16. What happens if Isobars are close together?
A. High Winds
B. Cold temperature
C. Warm front approaching
D. Low Winds
17. You plan to fly within Teesside Airports FRZ who’s permission do you need?
18. What does the S in IMSAFE stand for?
A. Sorry
B. Safe
C. Stress
D. State
19. What weight Aircraft must you register?
A. Above 200g and is a toy
B. Above 150g and is a equipped with a camera and is a toy
C. Above 250g, or below if equipped with a camera and not a toy
D. Above 90g without a camera
20. What information must you have on your drone when flying if registered?
A. Phone number
B. Remote Pilots Name
C. BMFA Club number
D. CAA ID of registration Ops ID
21. What is the max height you can fly from the surface?
A. 300ft
B. 400ft
C. 150m
D. 150ft
22. Using the 1:1 rule what is the minimum distance you can fly your aircraft if 40 meters high from uninvolved persons?
A. 40m
B. 30m
C. 5m
D. 25m
23. What speed is your aircraft limited to if in low speed mode?
A. 60m/s
B. 30m/s
C. 3m/s
D. 3mph
24. What does IP stand for
A. Internal Pressure
B. Ingress Protection
C. Initial Process
D. Internal Problem
25. With a high humidity and negative wind chill what could you expect to form on your props?
A. Water
B. Ice
C. Clouds
D. Dust
26. What distance must you keep from a group of uninvolved people during the transitional period A2?
A. 150ft
B. 150m
C. 30m
D. 50m
27. C rating on batteries stands for what?
A. Current
B. Coulomb
C. Charge
D. Crystal
28. What is the meaning of MTOM
A. Maximum take-off Meter
B. Minimum take-off Mass
C. Mean take-off Mass
D. Maximum take-off Mass

29. Who is your number one stress inducer when working alone?

A. Customer
B. Crew
C. Public
D. Yourself
30. When Completing CofC when can you exercise your privileges?
A. 4 Weeks
B. When completing the A2 CofC and Certificate arrives
C. 1 week before
D. 1 Week after completing