isn't always about the books...
As a child...
...we all dreamed of flying
... can be fun
Learning to FLY
can be even more FUN!
can also be fun
...always fly safe

Learning is fun...

Learning to fly your drone should be equal fun!

We all love our toys and you can have a huge amount of fun flying your drone but you'd like to go one step further... You'd like to maybe gain your drone license (PFCO) and possibly even use your drone commercially too and get some drone training... If this sounds like you then read on...

Welcome to...

An Alternative Route to Commercial Remote / Drone Pilot Training 

Most people that want to gain a drone licence or more commonly referred to as a PFCO by the CAA go on a theory based course that is ran by around 35 different companies throughout the UK. The courses can be costly and our experience shows you that although they teach you a lot of the theory (which is important) they mostly really lack in the practical aspect of flying. I can teach you as much theory as you like but without the practical knowledge then all the theory really does go out of the window. 

The abbreviation of PFCO actually stands for Permission for Commercial Operations. It used to be called PFAW - Permission for Aerial Work - In real lifge, neither one of them make much sense so it wouldn't surprise me if they  changed the name of it again. Technically if you have a PFCO you become a 'remote pilot'

Maybe you would like to learn your new skill and obtain your 'license' in a slightly more relaxed environment at your own pace? And possibly more importantly for a fraction of the money!

Here is the answer :

The CAA accepts a different method to the usual NQE course that costs anything up to £1500. The prices of the NQE courses have reduced dramatically over the last few months but they are still a lot. You can also take a BMFA A Certificate Exam at your local British Model Flying Association's club. The exam it's self is free of charge. You may well get the benefit from joining a local model flying club. They are a great place to slowly practice your skills and many now accept 'multi rotors' as they call them.  Once you have this qualification you can then apply to The CAA with an 'Operational Manual'. This is a personalised document that in effect is your promise to the CAA of how you are going to operate your UAV (drone). It is a complex document that without guidance is close to impossible to write.

The BMFA A test is a fairly basic test that is accompanied by a few theory questions too. It is the opinion of the BMFA that the practical test is suitable but the theory side lacks. Remember that you are responsible at all times for your Small Unmanned Aircraft so if you cause any kind of accident you are legally responsible. Not understanding the regulations is no excuse for prosecution. Therefore with this in mind we have created a bridging course that sits between the NQE route and The BMFA Route.


(these are our fees and don't include the annual fee to the CAA - Currently £253 for an Initial application and £190 for a renewal  (from April 2019) 

Beginners flight training - One to One!

A two hour flight session that includes a flight briefing, the basic theory for recreational or commercial flights. 

Price £179 


Practical & Theory Remote Pilot Training aimed at PFCO (One to One)

I'll combine the theory and practice in to bite size chunks and try our hardest not to fry your brain! In preparation for your BMFA flight test I will help you with the maneuverers required for your test. I love creative flying so I'll show you how to fly as creatively as possible whilst remaining safe. The theory that we will do will be based on the current requirements to comply with the Permission For Commercial Operations that you'll operate under. It will go through everything from site surveys to risk factors, weather forecasts, wind speeds, airspace restrictions etc. 

These sessions are around 6 hours in total including lunch. This is highly weather dependent so will only take place between when the weather conditions are suitable. This option also entitles you to  an operations manual at £50 less. 

Price £395  (or £295 if buying a drone value of £1,000 or over)


Practical and Theory Flight Tests Information

If you decide to go down the BMFA achievement route, We can on occasion arrange for a BMFA examiner to come up to examine you. They are based a fair distance from us. The BMFA A test is free of charge to sit at any BMFA flying club and they only charge reasonable expenses. They do not profit from their tests. You are free to choose whether to arrange your own test but if you would like us to arrange a test for you then the travel expenses are around 75p per mile. The examiner has to travel around 100 miles so around £75. This is payable to the examiner not us. Please note that in order to do a BMFA test you will need to become a member first (Around £35 a year). Of course, you can source your own examiner directly locally too. This includes your recreational insurance and a BMFA manual. Further details about the BMFA achievement scheme can be found on their website. 

I encourage you to have a conversation with me regarding any of the above training before buying a voucher. They are not the right route for everybody to obtain your PFCO. 


Operational Manual Service (This is a service that is only available to those that we are training)

Whether you choose to go on an NQE course or you decide to opt for the BMFA A Certificate exam we will help you compile your operations manual with you. This will start out as a template but we will work with you to personalise it ready for submission to the CAA. We can also work with you to help you apply to the CAA online for your PFCO (License).  Please allow ten to fourteen working days for this. We will require your input so it does depend on how long you take to come back with any information we require.

Please note that due to time constraints we will not actually produce your operations manual ourselves in house. We will contract this work out of house to a specialist.

Price £295  

(The above fees don't include the annual fee to the CAA - Currently around £253 and £190 for renewal  as of April 2019) 

Type of Training


Please note : If you have purchased a drone from us to the value of £940 or more you can reduce the advanced flight training worth £395 or above gets reduced by £100 as a partial refund. 

All prices exclude the licence / permission fee that you have to pay to the CAA directly. It currently costs £185 for a renewal and £245 for a new annual permission as of April 2018. Prices increase yearly. You will also need insurance to get your permission too. Flock currently do this on a pay as you go basis or coverdrone, iclarus and last but not least Moonrock on an annual basis.


please note : We are authorised by The CAA to carry out this training. We are NOT an authorised NQE and do not carry out flight tests or recommendations.  It is important to know that  we have no affiliation with either the CAA or The BMFA. Any flight test through a BMFA examiner will be independent to us. There is absolutely no guarantee of passing.