The A2 Cof C allows you to fly just a little bit closer.... Its kind of a poor mans drone license. Become a Drone Pilot with Leading Drone Training provider, The UK's Highest Rated Drone School, Practical Training for a Dynamic Learning Experience. Learn from the Experts. From hobbyist to professional, we are the training provider for every type of drone pilot! The A2 CofC is the first level course - These are quoting some of the adverts on google - not our words at all! 


These are the exam questions from a real A2CofC exam... There are no answers and they will be out of a memory bank but handy to have :


  • UK CAA announces their recommendation to the UK Government to EXTEND INDEFINITELY  the length of Legacy and Transitional drone provisions in the Open category;
  • Extension will push back from December this year indefinitely;
  • If rubber stamped (99% chance it will be), operators of current non-class-marked drones WILL be able to enjoy current provisions for longer - especially good for operators flying aircraft like the DJI Mavic 3 and Mavic 2 Series in the A2 subcategory with an A2 CofC.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)  proposes to extend Legacy and Transitional drone provisions in the Open category.

it will allow pilots flying non-class-marked drones to continue enjoying the benefits of the current rules until such a time that the new CE marked drones come to the market (if they ever do)

This would be beneficial for pilots of drones such as the DJI Mavic 3 and Mavic 2 Series, who, come the start of next year, would still be able to fly under Transitional provisions in the A2 subcategory with an A2CofC, instead of under more stringent criteria of the A3 subcategory. The Inspire 1 falls outside of this category as it's too heavy.