UAV Fees on the Increase in the UK..

...but it's not all bad 

CAA increase fees to £185 for a renewal and £247 for a new Permission

This article is intended for existing UAV permission holders. The CAA launched a consultation last October about an increase of fees for permission (License) holders for Drones. It was proposed that fees were going to increase by several hundred percent. However the CAA published their findings of their own consultation and found what I believe to be a happy medium. The general feeling in the industry is that there are so many unlicensed operators around that don't pay for insurance or a license which enables them to undercut existing license holders that such large fee increases are not justified and will do nothing but encourage drone operators to not new their licenses. 

Drone Interrupts FA Cup Fixture

The FA Cup, was briefly interrupted over the weekend when a drone pilot flew too close to the action.UK pilots are not allowed to fly at night or above people. (Without a specific licence / permission)