This is a small comparison between the Inspire 1 and Mavic 2. There are lets of comparisons on line for the Mavic 2 V the Inspire 2 but they miss something. You have around £1,000 to spend on what might well be your first drone. This isn't really about image quality because it is kind of well known that the Mavic 2 Pro camera is better quality than the Inspire X3 camera. The chip in the X3 is actually the same as the Mavic 2 zoom. 

The short answer is if you can afford two drones then go and buy one Mavic 2 and one Inspire 1. The long answer is each drone has it's advantages and disadvantages. The two main factors of why I prefer flying the Inspire is I can fly it further with ease. I can fly it higher with more ease. At 400 feet high, the Mavic is a dot, The inspire is so much easier to see. The Mavic, you can't tell which way around it is flying, the Inspire is easy to tell. Most people that are looking for an Inspire want or have a License. They want to use it commercially in the end and the DJI Mavic looks like a toy, where as the Inspire looks the business. Looks shouldn't matter hey but they do! 


I have both drones, I opted for the zoom as I find it more versatile but I still fly the Inspire far more often than I fly the Mavic. Perhaps it is just a comfort thing but you're actually comparing something that was new around three times the price. The chances are The Inspire 1 will be still flying way after the Mavic 2 has come and gone.